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1. Year 2019 – 20 there is budget provision for Legal Department is RS. 1653.35 Crore.

2. The Government has given Administrative Approval for Construction of Court Buildings at Surat at the Estimated Cost of Rs.47.95 Crores on 30/05/2014.

3. The government has given Administrative approval for the Construction of Court Building at Vadodara for District Court at the estimated cost of Rs.151.28 crore on Dt.22/05/2018

4. As the Government is dedicated to the welfare of the people, the Government makes the laws having regard to social, economic, industrial and financial background and implements those laws. Having identified the public interests involved in implementation of such laws and having recognized the needs of the people, the Government has established following categories of Special Courts during the last five years –

(1) 29 courts for dealing with cases under the Negotiable Instruments Act;
(2) 239 courts for dealing with cases under the Electricity Act
(3) 79 courts for dealing with cases under Atrocity Act;
(4) 13 courts for dealing with cases under Prevention of Corruption Act;
(5) 46 family courts.

5. Having identified the need of the downtrodden and working litigants, the Government has established 3 Evening Family Courts in the year 2015 and these courts have so far disposed of 2149 cases up to 2018.

6. The Government has taken policy decision for establishment of civil and criminal courts for each of the newly formed Revenue Districts and as a part of this decision, the Government decided to establish civil and criminal courts in every District and Taluka places. As a result thereof, at present, in all 906 Courts, out of which 348 Courts of Senior Civil Judges, 62 Courts of Additional District Judges and 496 Courts of Judicial Magistrate First class, are functioning in the State of Gujarat with total 12032 officers and staff including Judicial officers are working in those courts. Up to 2018

7. The Government has made provision of RS. 115.46 crores (RS.36.77 crores for new buildings for residential quarters of Judicial Officers and staff and RS. 78.69 crores for constructions on hand) in the year 2019-20

8. In order to see that the people of the State have rule of law in true sense and that the Constitutional and legal rights of the people are protected, the Government has declared Gujarat State Litigation Policy on 29/12/11 and has thereby decided to reduce the time period for pendency of cases from 15 years to One year as against the time period for pendency of cases from 15 years to 3 years fixed by the Government of India.

9. Samuel Butler says that in law, only expenditure is fixed and nothing else. But the words of Samuel Butler are falsified in Gujarat because the Government has decided to grant remission of court fees till 31/3/2021 to the BPL card holder Scheduled Tribe litigants.

10. The Government is committed to see that people get quick justice, alternate Dispute Resolution forums like lok adalats, arbitration, mediation etc. are encouraged in the State of Gujarat and such alternative dispute resolution forums have decided 2000 cases from 2016 to 2018

11. In the present scenario of the field of law, many new things are continuously getting added to it looking to the cyber crimes, economic times, direct and indirect terrorism, inter-state and inter-border international crime network, smuggling, illegal immigrations, trade of narcotic substances, biological inventions, biological science, social research etc. requiring the judicial officers and Judges to update their legal knowledge. For this purpose, the Government of Gujarat has been a key facilitator through the Judicial Academy, Forensic Science Laboratory, Seminars for psychological tests and workshops to see that they update their legal knowledge.

12. The Government has established Gujarat National Law University and this University has achieved international recognition. The Government has provided RS. 115.54 crores to this University for its Campus Development as against RS. 150 crores.


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