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Charity Organization

Charity Commissioner

The office of the Charity Commissioner, Gujarat State is one of the offices functioning under the Legal Department. The Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950 as applicable in the State of Gujarat is being implemented through the Charity Organization. The main object of the Act is to regulate and make better provision for the administration of public religious and charitable trusts in the State. The office of the Charity Commissioner is established under the said Act which is a unified and special organization to deal with charity matters. The said Act applies to all communities and all public trusts defined in the Act, irrespective of the size of their income. The definition of “public trust” is wide enough to cover societies registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860. The Charity Organization exercises powers of supervision and control over public trusts. The Act requires every public trust to be registered. It also requires annual accounts to be audited. It also provides for levy of contribution at the prescribed rate of the gross annual income of the public trust that will form part of the Public Trust Administration Fund which is applicable to the payment of charges for expenses incidental to the regulation of public trusts and generally for carrying into effect the provisions of Bombay Public Trust Act. Trusts being registered under the Act are (A) Hindu (including Jains, Buddhists,Sikhs and other  Hindus) (B) Muslims (C) Parsis (D) Others (E) Cosmopolitan (F) Societies registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860. So far 2,13,772 public trusts have been registered under the Bombay Public Trusts Act, 1950.

Charity Commissioner, is the Head of the Organization. There are four regional offices under him at Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Vadodara and Surat headed by Joint Charity Commissioners. Moreover, there are other 24 offices working at different places mostly at the district headquarters, known as field offices and such offices are headed by the Deputy Charity Commissioners or Assistant Charity Commissioners, as the case may be.











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