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Commitment Towards Reforms

Gujarat is a goal oriented State and claims to strive for securing the welfare of people. Independence of judiciary is one of the basic features of our Constitution but for smooth, efficient and effective functioning of justice delivery system, it is very imperative to have a conduciveinfrastructure and suitable work environment.
In order to improve the pace of development, the Government in Legal Department has focused its efforts on a few key areas and has taken them up as a mission. Our commitment towards reforms in the coming years are:-
To establish new courts and provide them all modern infrastructural facilities.
To assist the courts to reduce the arrears of cases by framing Scheme and Rules for Evening Courts.
To establish E-courts and Technology courts in the State of Gujarat.
To augment IT applications and implement IWDMS (Integrated Workflow and Document Management System) in the Legal Department and its affiliated offices.
To repeal outdated laws and enact new laws to meet with the changing needs of the Society.
To motivate other Departments of Government to weed out infructuous cases and to settle cases through ADR mechanisms like Lok Adalats, Arbitration, Conciliation and Mediation.
To create legal awareness and hold Lok Adalats under the aegis of Gujarat State Legal Service Authority.
To streamline and make offices of Law Officers more effective under the new Law Officers Rules.
To implement High Court expansion project.
To provide better administration of Public Trust properties through Charity Organization.
We shall strive to adapt the implementation of our programmes and policies into a mission mode to make the system of administration of justice more efficient and effective.
Shri D.M.Vyas
Secretary & RLA
Legal Department
Gujarat State
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