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Secretary's Message
Dear Citizen,
Shri D.M.Vyas
Shri D.M.Vyas Secretary,
Legal Department,
Gujarat State
The State Government intends to make Government - citizen's inter-face, more effective, efficient and transparent. Innovative Web site would be one of the important means of achieving effective E-governance.
The Legal department has tried its level best to provide on its web site, the primary information regarding the various activities being undertaken by the Legal Department in the field of administration of Justice and about the role of Legal Department as the Legal Advisor to the other administrative departments of the State.
The prime function of the Legal Department is to monitor the entire legal proceedings pending in all courts and tribunals and to render opinions sought by the Administrative Departments of the State, either at pre-litigation or post-litigation stages. The establishment of courts, appointment of judges in subordinate courts, appointment of Law Officers in all courts including High Court and Supreme Court, appointment of Notaries in the State, the administration of Charity Commissioner office, WAKF Board, Court fees office, Government Pleaders Offices all over the State and State Legal Services Authority are some of the major and important functions carried out by the Legal Department. Moreover, in order to create sound infrastructure in the State of Gujarat to promote legal education of inter-national standards to cater to the needs of the judicial and legal profession, the Government in Legal Department has established the Gujarat National Law University at Gandhinagar by enacting the Gujarat National Law University Act, 2003.
The goal of Legal Department is to provide speedy, fair and less-expensive justice to the people by establishing more and more courts at the lowest level in the State with all infrastructural facilities and harnessing the Information Technology. Our vision is to make small villages in the State free of litigations (Tirthgrams) and also to reduce arrears of cases in the courts substantially in next five years.
We look forward to your co-operation and welcome your valuable suggestions to achieve our goals.
Yours sincerely,
Shri D.M.Vyas
Secretary, Legal Department,
Gujarat State
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